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A baseball story that’s more about life…

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Retrouvailles validates the compelling power of first love and how the snapshots of moments together matter most. Those snapshots representing sweet moments in time can be more compelling than a lifetime spent together.

Peachtree Corvette Club

“Peachtree Corvette Club” rekindles memories from a “Pink Floyd” era of college when students huddled in cramped rooms to smoke joints, listen to music and take advantage of the relaxed attitude toward sex.


Clint Castleberry was already an Atlanta-area football sensation when he arrived at Georgia Tech in 1942, and in one meteoric college season he became a national sports hero as well. He was the first college freshman ever to be voted All-American.

Purpose and Passion..

The Collectors Edition of Purpose and Passion: Bobby Pruett & the Marshall Years is the authorized biography of Marshall University former head football coach Bobby Pruett. From the 1996 season up through his retirement in 2005, Coach Pruett led Marshall’s Thundering Herd to victory in six Mid-American Conference divisional titles…

The Steve Spurrier Story..

Mention the name Steve Spurrier to sports fans and without a doubt a lively discussion and exchange will ensue. Love him or hate him, opinions about the new coach of the Washington Redskins and University of Florida gridiron commander, rarely rate as ambivalent.

The Streak

When Dorsey McWhorter is just a boy, his father, Big Ed, pulls a disappearing act. Known for his many affairs, Ed leaves his wife and child alone to pick up the pieces. That’s when young Dorsey meets local handyman Walter Mobley, a veteran of the Negro leagues who instills in Dorsey a love for baseball and serves as his mentor.

100 Things for…

Mention the name Steve Spurrier to sports fans and without a doubt a lively discussion and exchange will ensue. Love him or hate him, opinions about the new coach of the Washington Redskins and University of Florida gridiron commander, rarely rate as ambivalent.

September Night’s

“Everybody wrote us off at the start of the 2011 season. We have a new bullpen and different faces on the field, but we’re still in the hunt heading into the final week of August. Though we’re in third place, we’re within striking distance of the Yankees and Red Sox.

Hack’s 191

Hack Wilson’s record 191 RBIs in 1930 may well stand the test of time, and so may the record of his hard-drinking lifestyle. In Hack’s 191, Bill Chastain recreates the most productive offensive season in baseball history while giving readers unique insight into the life of one of baseball’s most fascinating, enigmatic, and yet neglected characters.

100 Things Giants..

This lively, detailed book explores the personalities, events, and facts every Cubs fan should know. More than a look at the century-long wait for another World Series win, the book contains crucial information for Cubs fans, such as important dates, player nicknames, memorable moments, and outstanding achievements by singular players.

Steel Dynasty..

Author Bill Chastain takes the reader back to the glorious days when Steelers football dominated the NFL. Combining interviews with Steelers players and their opponents with extensive research, Steel Dynasty is a compelling story about excellence and how it was achieved.

Payne at Pinehurst

“A fresh and concise look at Payne Stewart’s victory at the 1999 U.S. Open.”
—Golf Digest

It has been called the greatest U.S. Open in the Open’s over one hundred-year history.

About Bill Chastain

Bill Chastain is a professional writer. After graduating from Georgia Tech in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, he worked briefly in construction, but he had a passion for writing and began freelancing in 1980.

His writing appeared in such periodicals as Razor Magazine, Nation’s Business, Sport Magazine, The Sporting News, Engineering New Record and Inside Sports. Later, he worked as a sports reporter for The St. Petersburg Times, The St. Petersburg Evening Independent, and then The Tampa Tribune. He joined the Tampa Tribune in 1990, traveling as a baseball reporter, and remained there for twelve years. While at the Tribune, Bill was also a Sports Illustrated correspondent and the Tampa/St. Petersburg area bureau chief for Golf Florida Online.

In September of 2001, Bill left the Tampa Tribune and turned his attention to writing books — under his byline as well as ghostwritten, and freelance magazine and newspaper atricles.

In April of 2005, Bill went to work for, covering Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays for the popular website.


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Gotta Go with Henry Hill

Lewis Grizzard, the late, great columnist of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was a devout Georgia fan. So much so that he once left blank space where his column appeared rather than to praise Georgia Tech after a win over his beloved Bulldogs. Which brings me to Georgia’s whippin’ of my Yellow Jackets on Saturday. I’m going […]

No More Lime Jello, Please

Talk about “procedures” dominate conversations the older you get. Thus, having just completed my third career colonoscopy/endoscopy will allow me to add to future dialogue. Gathered from the rich experience of prepping (translation: cleansing one’s colon), I came to the following truths: Eating only lime jello and orange Popsicles for two days greatly alters one’s […]

Playoff System No Better Than Before

Recently I watched a 30 for 30 detailing the 1969 Texas-Arkansas game, and how the winner was ceremoniously ordained the college football national champions. At one point, they crowed about how inefficient the system had been when that happened, inferring that today’s system is superior to that prehistoric time in college football. While I agreed […]

Halladay One of the Best

Roy Halladay’s death last week brought a lot of reflection and stories about an athlete and a father who died too young.  The former ace right-hander easily ranks as one of the top ten pitchers–maybe top five, I’ve watched since I began covering the sport. He was a lot like Bob Gibson, of whom it […]


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